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Using our combination of hardware and web software you can create an immersive experience for your guests without cluttering up your walls with signs. Want to see what it looks like? Explore the demos by yourself, or with a team member.

The 42Kites system is made up of two parts, let's take a look at the

This is what you attach to your museum walls.

This is a SmartLink card (in a holder).

While it may appear as just another QR Code, 42Kites SmartLinks are anything but ordinary. It's packed with practical features:

  • Guests can tap or scan their mobile device
  • Weather-resistant design
  • Operates without an external power source
  • Change where it links remotely
  • Durable and crack-resistant
  • Tamper-resistant screws to deter theft
  • Reusable (and better for the enviroment)

is only



Actual size

Picture one of those devices near each exhibit in your museum.

Kinda like this:


Attach it to the wall with (included)

Attach it to the wall with screws OR adhesive strips (both included).

Guests can now scan or tap the device it to see digital content


Scanning a SmartLink is as easy as 1) guests click the camera icon on their mobile device 2) point the camera on their phone (or tablet) towards the SmartLink card and tap on the notification that appears the screen and 3) the digital content will appear on their device (along with accessibility controls)...all without the need to download or install anything.


See it in action:

Note: The QR Codes are hidden on this page for privacy

Have outdoor exhibits?

Snow? Rain? Sun? 42Kites devices work great outdoors, even in the harshest environments. No power source needed.

Check out this excerpt from our podcast on what Jerry Michels, from the Amarillo Railroad Museum has to say about the 42Kites devices.

Hardware recap:

Thin and light.

Can be used outdoors.

Does not need a power source.

Guests can scan or tap their device.

Add a custom overlay for perfect branding.


The second part is the web

This is where you add your content.


An endless canvas

Curators and staff are passionate about sharing the backstory and finer details of their exhibits to anyone interested. Our system includes a feature to make it easier to do just that! We call them Experiences.

There are currently sixteen different content modules that you can use to mix and match to create captivating museum exhibits.

Plays nicely with others

Easily add Google Maps, YouTube Videos, Slideshare Presentations, X Posts (Twitter Tweets). The best part is that you don't need to enter your account passwords or login credentials to do it.


Speak their language. Any language.

Your museum can be a place where language barriers don't exist.

How is this possible? Well, you could hire dozens of multilingual people to stand near each exhibit offering translation services to any guest who needs it OR you can let the 42Kites system automatically handle language translation for you.


They'll see what you mean.

There is no universal font size or text color to display exhibit content that will meet all your visitors needs. This means visitors with visual impairments are likely to struggle when trying to read the content.

If they can't read the information, not only will they be frustrated but they are also missing out on the "meat" of the exhibit. The Inclusion Bar empowers everyone to customize text size and display, ensuring a comfortable read for all.

Exhibits can now be heard.

Not everyone has the same reading ability and there are also some people who prefer to listen to audio than read lots of text. The Inclusion Bar's Text-To-Speech feature effortlessly narrates the exhibit text for them (no additional downloads or apps required) guests simply tap the play button to hear the exhibit's content.

Click the play button below to hear a sample.


Use your own colors for perfect branding.


Dive deeper

Effortlessly increase guest engagement and help them understand what they are looking at. Guests do not need to download an app or sign up for anything.

Checkout this excerpt from our podcast on what Terri Thompson, from the Museum at Prairiefire has to say about the 42Kites devices.

Your visitors will it

Research conducted at museums and galleries around the world shows what visitors want, and this sytem delivers it.


No Account or App

Your visitors won't have to take the time to download or sign up for anything to access the digital content.


Unlock The Story

Visitors of all ages can easily access in-depth content from any of your museum exhibits.


It Simply Works

To access the content you added to your digital Experiences, visitors simply scan (or tap) and enjoy.


Keep The Juice

Itʼs efficient, so visitors don't need to worry about draining the battery on their mobile device.


Say What?

Guests from other countries? No problem. They can easily translate exhibit text into over 100 languages.


Blazingly Fast

Your digital experience loads quickly so visitors don't have to waste time downloading huge files.

Software recap:

No ads.

Add unlimited content.

Simple to create and manage.

Makes all your exhibits accessible.

Can be viewed / edited on any device.

Remotely change how your SmartLinks function.

You're in good company

Exceptional museums and galleries using the 42Kites system

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