How do custom SmartLink overlay graphics work?

All 42Kites SmartLinks feature a unique QR Code on the outside but on the inside is a unique NFC chip. This NFC chip allows guests to tap their unlocked phone on the SmartLink and they will be directed to your Experience (or External URL).

If you just want to use the NFC feature, you can overlay a printed graphic on top of the SmartLink and make it a lot more visually interesting. Here are a bunch of SmartLinks to show you the difference between a regular SmartLink and a SmartLink with a custom overlay graphic.

All Premium Plans include our signature Helping Hand service which will design a custom SmartLink overlay for you. Just tell them what you want it to look like (or have them brainstorm some ideas) and they’ll work with you to design the perfect overlay for your SmartLinks, you just need to print it out, cut it out and put it over the SmartLinks inside the holder.

  • If you prefer to DIY it: design a 70mm X 70mm graphic with 12mm rounded edges.
  • Since the QR Code will be covered it, guests will have no choice but to use the NFC chip but some older phones do not have NFC reader capabilities built in.