What is the 42Kites Inclusion Bar and how does it work?

The 42Kites Inclusion Bar makes your museum more inclusive and accessible for all your guests.

Not everybody that visits your museum will speak English, have perfect eye sight and be happy reading lots of text on a wall label. The Inclusion Bar includes three features to make your guests feel more welcome: language translation, visual impairment controls and text-to-speech all in one beautiful bar.

It appears at the bottom of the visitors screen and is always visible:

You can colorize each of the elements of the Inclusion Bar and you can toggle the text-to-speech on or off on a Experience by Experience basis.

Learn more about each of the three Inclusion Bar features below:

Language Translation

Just 20% of all people speak English, that means only about 20% of all people can read those labels you printed and stuck on the wall. The language translation controls welcome these people to your museums by translating all the text your write (in English) into over 100 different languages. This means that more guests can now enjoy your exhibits.

Simply add your text and the Inclusion Bar does the hard work for you:

Visual Impairment Controls

The University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics says that only about 35 percent of all adults have 20/20 vision without glasses, contact lenses or corrective surgery. With corrective measures, approximately 75 percent of adults have this degree of visual acuity while the other 25 percent of the population just doesn’t see very well. (Source)

The visual impairment controls helps people with visual impairments read the text in your 42Kites Experience by letting them enlarge the text, change everything to greyscale and more. This means that people who can’t see very well can now easily read your digital exhibit text.


Some people like to listen audio books as opposed to reading books and those are the same people that will groan at the thought of reading the paragraphs of text on your wall labels. The Inclusion Bar Text-To-Speech controls can read the Experience content to them with just a click of a button – nothing to download or install.

NOTE: You will hear audio when you click the play button below.

The Inclusion Bar is included on all 42Kites plans (free and paid)