What is an Experience?

At it’s core, an “Experience” is digital content (like videos, 3D models, photos, etc..) and depending on how it will most benefit your organization, your Experience can:

  • Lower expenses: decrease the need to print (and re-print) wall labels
  • Save time: reduce the duration (and frequency) that staff spend explaining things to visitors
  • Become more inclusive: more people can enjoy your exhibits (with language translation and visual impairment controls)
  • Increase visitor engagement: share interesting information about an exhibit and even create a scavenger hunt

Let’s talk about the last one, increasing customer happiness.

Imagine some of your exhibits had interesting backstories (a video of it being made, historical photos documenting how was it used, audio from a lecture from the archeologist that discovered it, etc…) you could create one experience for each exhibit that contains all the content related to that exhibit.

Visually, think of it like this:

Visitors to your museum/gallery would then access the Experience from their mobile device by tapping or scanning a SmartLink.

An Experience could contain a video of the artist actually creating the painting in her studio or a video of when the artist appeared on a television interview. Maybe there are close-up photos of the painting where the artist is pointing to a small but unique feature that most people would not even notice. Maybe there is large block of text that contains a poem that originally inspired the artist to start painting when she was a child. At the bottom of the Experience could be a promo box to get five percent off at the Gift Shop on a t-shirt with the painting on it, there is no limit to what’s possible.

You can easily add a new Experience from within your 42Kites account (from any device), there is no download/app required.

Visitors are hungry for more information and Experiences is how to give it to them. A SmartLink acts as a bridge between the real world and the Experience.