Using premium 42Kites devices you can quickly be the museum where...

Saving The Planet Matters

Do you print informational brochures for your guests? While these brochures serve their purpose they come with printing costs, occupy valuable space within your museum and will eventually be thrown away. However, there is a more efficient and eco-friendly alternative.

It’s pretty simple to set up, just transfer all of that content from your brochure into one of your 42Kites Experiences (we can help with this). Next, place a SmartLink card, securely housed within a Wall-Mounted Holder, near the exit. As your guests leave, they can simply tap their mobile devices on the SmartLink card, instantly loading the digital brochure content onto their device where they enjoy it when they get home. This approach eliminates the need for printing, the need for brochure racks, and it minimizes waste. It's a seamless, environmentally-conscious solution that stays with your guests when they leave.

Donations Have Increased

We've all seen those heart-wrenching TV commercials featuring homeless puppies and kitties, their frail bodies, wet from the rain, limping along a dirty roadside. Sad music quietly underscores the plea for your financial support.

These commercials have been airing for decades, do you know why? They work! These commercials tap into our deepest emotions, eliciting empathy and generosity.

Harnessing this emotional connection, museums can strategically position a SmartLink card near exhibits that evoke the most profound emotions. When scanned/tapped the SmartLink card can link visitors to your online donation platform.

Imagine, while standing face-to-face with a museum exhibit that stirs emotions like those producing when watching a suffering animal, guests can easily scan/tap the SmartLink card and contribute to the cause, just as if they were helping a sick puppy in need.

Sponsors Get More Exposure

Sponsors are major contributors to the thriving ecosystem of museums. They play a crucial role in the financial support necessary for the smooth operation of museums, while museums, in return, offer valuable exposure to their sponsors. Given the limited physical space within a museum, the question is: how can we maximize exposure for our sponsors?

The solution lies in the 42Kites Premium package. With this premium offering, you have the opportunity to prominently display your sponsor's banner at the top (or bottom or both) of all your digital museum Experiences. Not only does this banner provide instant exposure, but it can also link the guest to the sponsor's website. This innovative approach requires no additional physical space, yet it increases the visibility and impact of your sponsors.

Learn how to use the Shared Header to make this happen

Kids Learn S.T.E.M.

Watch students faces light up as they discover what they are capable of! An interactive activity for S.T.E.M. days is to set up a demo where kids can edit their own 42Kites Experience themselves and instantly see the results by scanning their own SmartLink! The Experience editing system is so easy, even a kid can do it.

Exploring Is Rewarded

Encourage guests to learn as much possible about your museum's exhibits while simultaneously turning them into treasure hunters. Simply hide a piece of secret code within a few of your 42Kites Experiences.

When guests have collected the entire code, they can scan the SUPER SECRET SmartLink at the end of your museum which will ask them to enter the code. When guests enter the correct code, they will be granted access to a bonus content that rewards them for their hard work.

The secret content could be a coupon for a free drink at the cafe, 15% off one item at the museum gift shop or just a funny video of your staff being silly when nobody is around, it's entirely up to you.

Guests Meet The Artists

If you have multiple pieces from an artist, dedicate one Experience (and SmartLink) to help your guests get to know the artist. The Experience should include unique information the public can't get anywhere else.

For example, have the artist sit down in front of a camera (their phone is fine) and record an introduction for people at your specific museum. Ask the artist to provide photos or videos that show their process for creating art. Perhaps ask the artist to include information about a piece they made but didn't like so they never released it to the public. Having a talented artist talk about the shortcomings of some of their work can be great way to boost confidence in guests that are aspiring artists.

Staff Feel Heard

When was the last time you focused on making your staff's job easier? One simple way to do that is to talk to each staff member individually and ask them to give you feedback about the most common questions museum guests ask them on a regular basis.

Turn each of those frequently asked questions into an Experience that answers all of those questions. Place the SmartLink containing the FAQ Experience at the beginning of your museum. Guests will now have easy access to information they need, saving your staff from having to answer the same questions over and over again.

Accessibility Matters

Some people are sensitive to things like light and sound. This can make a trip to your museum difficult for some guests. To assist these guests, your museum could offer special accessibility hours during certain days or times each month. During these times the museum could do things such as modify it's lighting, pause loud speaker announcements and music as well as cover / turn off any type of exhibit that might induce sensory overload.

In addition to taking steps to help create a more calm and relaxing enviroment, using the 42Kites system you can create unique museum Experiences tailored for guests that are more susceptible to sensory overload. For example if you've created experiences for your exhibits that contain lots of audio, you can create an experience for the same exhibit that doesn't include the audio and instead provide a transcription to replace the audio portions of the content.

The 42Kites system can also help you enhance your accessibility efforts by allowing guests to access museum content on their own devices, giving them their own space to learn about the exhibits.

The end result will be an atmosphere where people who are negatively affected by sensory experiences can feel safe while enjoying themselves in your museum.

All Languages Are Welcome

Not everybody speaks English but the 42Kites system provides Google-powered automatic translation of all the text you add to your Experiences. With lots of SmartLinks around your museum, people that speak different languages can get the same experience that English-speaking people get, without you having to do any extra work.

When a visitor changes the language on the first Experience they see, the language translation will automatically be applied to each additional Experience they view.

Kids Feel Special

Some museums offer birthday party packages for children's birthdays. If that's your museum, you can easily create an Experience that's all about the birthday kid. Using content provided by the parents or whomever is throwing the party, the Experience can be filled with their academic and sports achievements, info about things they like, as well as lots of photos and / or videos of them doing their favorite activities.

Connect that Experience to a SmartLink located in the party room so all of the party guests can scan it, making the birthday kid feel like a mini-celebrity.

Exhibits Come Alive

All the exhibits in your museum came from somewhere and were made by someone. You can easily bring your museum to life by sharing the backstory of the exhibits. You can tell these stories with text, photos, videos, 3D models and a lot more.

The premium 42Kites service includes our design service called Helping Hand which can help you crop, resize and photoshop images, as well as edit videos and more.

Adding exhibit content to an Experience can be done by any staff member (no design degree required) and from any device (no app needed). The Experience editing system is so easy, even a kid can do it.

Markets Become Personal

If your museum holds events like artisnal markets, create an Experience for each vendor and attach a SmartLink to the vendors' tent/booths. Fill the Experience with photos and cool facts about the vendors' work, behind the scenes videos and an introduction by the business owners. Include links to their website and even to their online payment system so people can make a digital payment in person.

Competition Fuels Creation

If your museum has an exhibit where visitors can make their own creation (art station, make music, build blocks, etc.), why not turn it into an award show?

With the guests' permission, have a staff member photograph/record their creative output. At the end of each month, your staff (or other museum guests) can then vote for their favorite three creations. The photos / videos of the winning creations can then be added to an Experience. Place a SmartLink in that space to inspire the next guests!

Be sure to notify the winners. This will encourage them to share the exciting news with their friends and family, some of which will purchase tickets to visit your musuem to see the masterpiece created by their loved one.

P.S. If you have some museum swag, be sure to give a prize to the winners as a reward for their contribution.

Staff Feel Recognized

SmartLinks don't have to be just for exhibits. Let your incredible staff shine with an Experience dedicated to them! Make Experiences for your staff that include fun and interesting information about them. This will create a more personal experience between museum staff and guests, while also making your staff feel valued.

Connect a SmartLink card to that Experience and have the staff member attach the SmartLink card to their badge, clipboard, etc, for guests to scan. Staff Experiences can also be a great place to hide secret codes for museum scavenger hunts!

Events Go Smoothly

Who is the speaker again? What are the food menu choices? OMG, I was in the bathroom when they played the video! These are scenarios we've all experienced on occassion when attending an event.

Create a seamless event experience for attendees by making the event information available whenever someone needs access to it. Help people get the most out of your event by connecting multiple SmartLinks to the Experience you created specifically for your event. Place multiple SmartLinks around the venue and on each table, so your event info is always just a tap of the phone away.