Accessibility For All

Designed to make a difference.


We are donating one of our accessibility devices to 4,200 museums (one device per museum) across the USA.


One small device for your wall.
One giant leap for your guests.

Language translation, visual impairment controls and text-to-speech is built into our exclusive feature called the Inclusion Bar.

The end of wall labels

Many visitors to your museum have a problem that they never tell you about.  Maybe they are embarrassed. Maybe they don't want to feel like they are annoying you.

The problem is your wall labels, but there is a better way.


Talk their language


Less than 20% of humans speak English. What happens if a museum visitor only speaks

With the 42Kites Accessibility For All Program the content of your exhibit will automatically be translated into 100+ languages.

See their point of view

Instead of struggling to read the wall label, most people just move on. 

The Inclusion Bar Visual Impairment Controls lets visitors easily change the size and color of all of your exhibit text, allowing them to customize it to suit their individual needs.

Expand your exhibits

You've invested time and resources into your exhibits. We’ll help you expand on both the amount of content and the type of content you can share with guests, while doing it in a way that all guests can enjoy. Whether you have a guest that speaks a different language or a guest that is visually impaired, with the 42Kites AFA program they won't miss out on any part of your museum experience.


Accessibility For All Program

The one device we send you is free forever. You do not need to enter credit card information anywhere, you'll never receive a bill for the one device that we send you. We'll even pay for shipping.

No contract + No commitment + No credit card

What's in the box:

1 X SmartLink Card

It's way more than a QR Code. This thin card (less then 2mm thick) has an NFC chip inside and you can remotely change where it links at anytime. Read more

1 X Wall-Mounted Holder

It's slim, light and looks beautiful on any wall. This holder displays the SmartLink card and can be mounted with screws or adhesive strips. Read more

1 X Experience

Add rich content (like photos, 3D models, videos, etc...) about an exhibit and that content will be translated into dozens of language, include visual impairment controls and even speak the text. Read more

Your questions, answered

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You're in good company

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