How does 42Kites work?

Nobody likes complex things, so we designed the system to be a very simple and can be setup in just a few steps. No technical or design skills required.

  1. Pick the exhibit in your collection that has an interesting backstory, needs explanation or is a visitor favorite!
  2. Login to your 42Kites account, create an Experience and add the digital content related to that particular exhibit. Maybe it’s a video of the painter talking about the piece, maybe it’s photos with arrows pointing to interesting things in the sculpture, etc..
  3. Configure a SmartLink to link to that Experience by using the PIN number on the back of the card to activate it and then (optionally) place the SmartLink card inside the holder.
  4. Attach the holder it to the wall near the exhibit. Once that is done, visitors can scan or tap on the SmartLink and see the digital content related to that Experience (that are filled with rich content about the exhibit).