How do I allocate my 42Kites resources between multiple organizations?

If you are making a Premium purchase for a large organization or municipality we can allocate the Premium devices and Experiences you purchased between different accounts to give the organizations / departments you manage access to the 42Kites tools they need.

Let’s say you are a local government and in your city is a zoo, a botanical garden and a historical museum all run by the local government. The government can make the purchase and then we can allocate any number of devices and experiences to any of those organizations.

For example, if you purchased 60 devices (and Experiences), we can allocate:

  • 20 of them to the Zoo
  • 13 to the Botanical Garden and
  • 27 to the Historical Museum

(or any number of devices and Experiences to any organization)

Each organization will have their own login information and can specify their own custom colors and branding and of course will help all organizations set up and maintain their devices and Experiences.

Once you’ve purchased the devices, send us an email with your request and we’ll be happy to split them up for you.