How is this system different from regular QR Codes?

The 42Kites platform is so much more than ordinary QR Codes! Take a look at how the three parts of this system can improve your museum:


  • There’s a QR Code on the outside but on the inside there is a NFC Chip. Instead of having to scan the QR code (with their phone camera), the NFC chips give people the ability people to simply tap their phones to access the content. A custom overlay can also be placed over the SmartLinks to make them more visually interesting.
  • Unlike typical QR Codes, our SmartLinks are reusable. You can remotely change where it links to at anytime (it feels like a magic trick)! This means you can easily move them from one exhibit to another. Plus reusable is great for the environment!
  • It’s laminated so it’s weather resistant (yes, you can use it outdoors).
  • It contains a security code so only your organization can configure it.

Wall-Mounted Holders

  • If you did print your own QR Codes, how would you put them up on the wall? Would people be able to rip them down? Would you be able to tell if someone stuck their own QR Codes over yours?
  • There are two screw holes on the back so you can screw securely into the wall, preventing it from being pulled off.
  • If you don’t think your guests will pull it off the wall, the device also includes adhesive strips so you can stuck it to the wall without any damage.
  • They have a special UV coating to protect them from discoloration caused by sunlight.


  • If you did print your own QR Codes, where are they going to link to? 42Kites SmartLink cards can be linked to ANY url. They can be set to link to a page on your website, to your social media accounts, to an external website, to a digital Experience you created using the 42Kites interface, etc. You can change the url they link to at anytime (and as many times as you want).
  • Who would create the content that the QR code links to? Using the 42Kites interface you can easily do it yourself. Without any design/technical skill you can quickly add text, 3D models, forms, videos, images, buttons and more (there is no limit to the amount of content you can add)
  • You can add/edit the content of your Experiences from any device (without an app)
  • The design of the Experience is simple and calm, perfect for sensory sensitive guests
  • Because accessibility matters, it translates the text of the Experience into more than 130 languages AND it includes accessibility controls (allowing guests to make the text larger or change the color to suit their needs).
  • COMING SOON We are working on a text-to-speech option so your exhibits will come to life (only if you want them to. This will be a configurable option.)
  • Guests love Experiences because they do not need to download an app or register for anything in order to use them.

Three More Things

If all of that wasn’t enough, all Premium (paid) accounts also include:

  • Help Hand Service: You get way more than pretty pieces of plastic, you get unlimited access to a talented team of people ready to help you edit videos, Photoshop images, extract text from old photos, organize information, brainstorm ideas, etc…
  • Always Perfect Guarantee: Your 42Kites devices will always look great. If a SmartLink or Wall-Mounted Holder gets damaged, tears or cracks, we’ll send you a replacement for free.
  • Impossible To Fail Guarantee: You are not alone with this system. If for some reason you get stuck or cannot figure something out, a member of our team will work with you (one-on-one) over Zoom, FaceTime, etc… to help you get everything up and running.