How do I disconnect a SmartLink from an Experience?

Let’s say that Exhibit A is coming to an end and you use the SmartLink that is currently connected to it on another Exhibit. What do you do? The first step is to disconnect it from the existing Experience, here’s how you do that:

Login to your 42Kites account and go to your My SmartLinks page.

This page is organized by Experience so find the Experience that contains the SmartLink you want to disconnect and then find the specific SmartLink (Experiences can have multiple SmartLinks connected to them so make sure you can clicking on the correct one). At the bottom is a Disconnect link, click on that.

Once you do there will be a descriptive warning and a large Disconnect SmartLink button at the bottom. If you are sure you want to proceed, click the large Disconnect SmartLink button.

Now that you have disconnected the SmartLink, you can reconnect it to another Experience.. learn how disconnected SmartLinks work.