Build your monthly recurring revenue

Discover a simple way for you to build monthly recurring revenue.

We developed the world's only complete inclusion system for museums and you don't have to do anything other than sell it. We handle everything else. Get more museum leads by including one free device with what you already sell. Museums you already know want to be more accessible and this system does that; beautifully.

This is the 42Kites Reseller Program.

Earn a recurring commission on every sale you make

You'll receive a commission payment when a museum initially signs up AND a recurring monthly commission payment on every subscription plan for as long as the subcription is active.

+131.25 per month

+42.60 per month

+89.30 per month

+53.50 per month

Instantly make your thing better

There are a lot of different people that are part of the 42Kites Reseller Program (museum consultants, custom exhibit designers, museum associations, etc...) whatever you do, let's call that "your thing."

You already have “your thing” but now you can include one free 42Kites device every time a museum buys “your thing.” We’ll pay for the device and service (forever), you just pay the cost to ship the device ($11).

This free device makes the museum happy because they are now little bit more accessible at no additional cost to them - all thanks to you! This free device can also help you attract new museums to your business because now you can offer a "free gift" as a lead generator.

Remember that people value tangible things much more than free digital content (like downloadable PDF's) as there is an associated cost with a physical item. When they find out that they don't have to pay the monthly subscription cost for this one device but they are getting tons of value from it, they'll be thrilled.

The device contains your reseller info

Any device that you send to a museum will have your reseller information embedded in it (they won’t see it because it’s in a database). If that museum buys a 42Kites subscription plan (now or at any point in the future) you’ll receive a monthly recurring commission for that sale.

+84.65 per month


You can adjust your commission

Earn up to a 30% recurring commission

The 42Kites Reseller program pays an adjustable recurring commission rate of up to 30% on all sales. What does that mean?

If means that thirty percent of the purchase price can either be a commission payment paid directly to you, it can be used as a discount for the customer or a combination of both. The commission percentage that is set when the sale comes in will be the amount you get until the customer cancels.

For example, say you want to give an organization 10% off the purchase price, after the discount is applied, you will still earn a 20% commission on that sale.

This is a useful tool to run your own specials like "Save 20% off the retail price in May" or "Save 10% this week only."

Note: Commission changes are not instant, they will be reflected in your Reseller account within one business day.


Get it all done on one screen.



Your current monthly recurring Payment amount appears here. You'll be paid this amount on the 1st of each month via PayPal. The more you sell, the more you earn.


This is your account Activity. New sales, sent devices, commission amounts, device requests and more appear here. You can also click on any organizations name to see all activities for that particular organization.


Your Reseller Tools are organized in this section. Access your Reseller link, monthly promo code, promo page URL, send a device and more.


Stay up to date with the latest 42Kites News.


Add the Organizations that you're talking with in this section. Adding a new organization prevents other Resellers from contacting them in the future.

Tools that make sales easy

Sales Page

With a branded sales page (that includes your logo and reseller links), you do not need your own website nor do you need any technical skill to create it - it's already done for you. Just send this one link to any museum to make sales.

Promo Page

A branded Promo page makes it easy for organizations to request a free device from you.

You can change the copy and photo at any time. It's the perfect link for sharing on social media. It looks great on mobile devices too.

Discount Code

Need a little extra help closing a sale? Each month there will be a new discount code (only valid for that month) that you can give to a potential customer or even post on social media.

You decide if / how you use it.

What do you dream about?

Use our Single Transaction calculator below to change the Adjustable Commission percentage and units sold.

My monthly recurring commission payment is:


A magical reloading debit card

On the 1st of every month, funds are sent directly to your PayPal account. Need instant access? Get a PayPal debit card which will automatically get reloaded with your earnings each month.

Spend it all and it comes back. Spent it all and it comes back again. It's like having really rich parents with very low expectations of you.


Reseller Program

We are excited that you are interested in becoming a 42Kites Reseller. You'll be happy to know that we streamlined the process to get you up and running even faster.

Assuming there are no issues with your application, you should be able to start selling within two business days.

Step 1: Apply

Step 1: Fill out the form below.

Step 2: : Get Certified

Once your Reseller application is approved, your 42Kites My Dashboard screen will display the Reseller training videos and a certification exam. Watch the videos and pass the exam.

Step 3: Start Selling

Once certified, you will gain access to your unique reseller links, branded content (that you can share/embed) and the ability to send a no-cost device (connected to your reseller account) to any museum.

It all starts here

Complete the form below to start the process of becoming a 42Kites Certified Reseller.

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