Build your business as a 42Kites Reseller


Earn revenue from museums by selling the world's only complete accessibility system. You don't have to do anything other than sell it, we handle everything else. Get more museum leads by including one free device with what you already sell. Museums you already know want to be more accessible and this system does that, beautifully.

Earn a commission on every sale you make

For Lifetime sales you'll receive a one-time commission payment, for Subscription sales you'll receive a commission payment when they initially signup AND each year they renew (aka Passive Income).


Instantly make your thing better

Maybe you're a museum consultant, maybe you design custom exhibits, whatever you do, let's call that "your thing."

You already sell “your thing” but now you can include one free 42Kites device every time a museum buys “your thing.” We’ll pay for the device and service, you just pay for shipping.

This makes the museum happy because they are now little bit more accessible at no additional cost to them. It can also help attract new museums because now "your thing" has become more valuable and can earn you thousands of dollars at the same time.

Everybody wins.

Here's the best part

The device you send to a museum will have your reseller information embedded in it (they won’t actually see it, it’s in a database). If that museums buys something from the 42Kites site you’ll receive a commission for that sale.



Now, you're probably thinking...

That all sounds great, but why would a museum buy this system through me?

10% Discount

Museums will save ten percent by buying the 42Kites system through your unique reseller links. Museum board of directors will love this.

Buy At Anytime

Museums that buy from the retail site have to wait until the next Upgrade Day, but they can buy the system through you at any time.

Special Package

Not all museums need 42 devices. Only resellers can sell the devices in a smaller bundle, which is perfect for smaller museums.

Everything you need on one screen

The 42Kites Reseller Dashboard includes everything you need to grow your business and keep track of what’s going on. You can view your commission payments, access your reseller links and content. You can also check to see whether or not a museum has already been contacted by another reseller before you reach out to them.

All of this can be done on one screen that works beautifully on any device. To get a better idea of how it works take a look at the graphics below, along with the legend (displayed below the graphics).


This is your Activity Feed. It includes your sales, payments and the devices you send.


These are your Reseller Links (the links you can share/post) to earn a commission.


There are many different type of branded content that you can send a direct links to OR use the iFrame code to embed on your website.


You might not be the first one to reach out to a particular museum (another Reseller might have contacted them first) so before you contact them you need to search the database.


Send a free device to any museum (that has not already been contacted) by filling out a simple form and paying for shipping. We'll pay for the device and the service.


Once you've found a museum that has not been contacted, you can record the information in the database so other Resellers will not contact them. The organizations you contact will be listed in this section.

Tools that make sales easy

With a branded sales page (that includes your reseller links), you do not need your own website nor do you need any technical skill to create it - it's already done for you. Just send this one link to any museum.

A branded Promo page makes it easy for organizations to request a free device from you. You can change the copy and photo at any time. It's perfect for sharing on social media and looks great on mobile devices. 

It's math time!

Let's start with the current retail price of a Lifetime Premium Box:


Museums can purchase the Lifetime Premium Box for 10% less by buying it through you (this makes them happy), so a museum that buys through you would only pay:


Once you are a Tier 3 Reseller, you will get 20% of that amount. From that one museum sale you will earn:


Let’s say that over the course of one year you sell 64 Lifetime Premium Boxes, you will earn over:


Note 1: The price of a Premium Box goes up every 42 days, so you’ll earn more on each sale as time goes on. Overtime we will be adding more features to the 42Kites interface which is why every 42 days the price will increase. With the number of features we plan on adding, we estimate that the retail price will be $10,000 (so museums will pay $9,000 by buying through you) by September 2024. This means as a Tier 3 Reseller, your commission will increase to $1,800 per sale.

Note 2: With 68 sales, you’ll actually earn around $120,000 as we also offer a High Volume Bonus! We're pretty sure that you’ll like that. Keep reading to learn more.


Reseller Program

We are excited that you are interested in becoming a 42Kites Reseller. You'll be happy to know that we streamlined the process. 

How to get started

Step 1: Fill out the form below

Step 2: Get Certified

Once your Reseller application is approved, your 42Kites My Dashboard screen will display the Reseller training videos and a certification exam. Watch the videos and pass the exam.

Step 3: Start Selling

Once certified, you will gain access to your unique reseller links, branded content (that you can share/embed) and the ability to send a free device to any museum.

Tier 1

Earn 10% Commission payments through your reseller links and sent device

  • Send one free device to a museum (in the USA)
  • To make sure you understand how the system works, create a sample Experience and link a SmartLink Card to that Experience then email your 42Kites representative for verification.

Tier 2

Earn 15% Commission payments through your reseller links and sent devices

  • Send one free device to a museum (in the USA)
  • Post on your social media about 42Kites products / your Reseller certification and tag @42kites OR add 42Kites related content to your website (Reseller badge, embed content, link to content, etc...) then email your 42Kites representative for verification.

Tier 3

Earn 20% Commission payments through your Reseller links and sent devices INCLUDING retail purchases (no time limit)

HIGH VOLUME BONUS - To say thank you for helping increase accessibility in museums, for every 20 sales… you keep 100% of the 21th sale (minus shipping costs and payment processing fees)… after 41st sale, you keep 100% (minus shipping costs and payment processing fees) of the 42nd sale… etc…

Note: Most Resellers get to Tier 3 on their very first day

It all starts here

Complete the form below to start the process of becoming a 42Kites Certified Reseller.

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